Search for Tutors Function 

MasterX is a comprehensive tutor search platform. In addition to academic classes, interest classes, private tutors and various sports classes, it also includes classes of various types of arts, financial investment, online learning, and other special courses. Anything you want to learn can be found in one-click!

Learn Anytime, Anywhere!

The location function of MasterX enables you to search all kinds of tutors in the vicinity with one click, anytime, anywhere, just learn!

Learn at Ease, Teach at Ease

As a comprehensive platform, in order to ensure students can learn safely and successfully while tutors can reduce the risk of any potential loss due to student's absence, MasterX keeps the tuition fees paid by students in our system. After the class is completed, MasterX will deduct 10% service fee and transfer the remaining amount to the registered bank account of tutors on every 14th and 28th of each month via bank electronic transfer.

Tutor's Rating 

If you have enrolled classes via MasterX, you can give rating to the tutors. Students can refer to the tutor's CV and ratings before applying any class in order to look for the ideal tutor. 

Instant Messenger & Automatic Calendar Update 

MasterX chat box is very easy to use. All of the conversations are recorded. The class schedule and swap class history are clear at a glance in MasterX app.

More Classes You take, More Rewards You Get! 

MasterX encourages lifetime learning. When you enroll classes via MasterX, you can get 1 stamp for every HK$100. Stamps can be used to redeem gift or free classes.